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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i know it's not golden we come out of point of that still 10 degrees paul is still pretty winter rain heading into western pennsylvania is a strong west one and still driving factor a few spots starting to's trevorv
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36 years old as a tonight there officer returned with cleveland fire there on the scene of a house sayth that east 79th and9 euclid. it's a video we shot police witnessed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.sp we've they watched it pick their current five people on the car t the car was stolen they did now
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anybody out there. sorry one looks good on theo turnpike at 77 from the traffic as you head up t i for 90. wayne and kristi back to you a murder suicide shaking up a small sandusky community todd meany joins us live with what police have found they're not really telling us muchusp her boyfriend was drinking become aggressive they went to 36 roads homes over on timber following drive in,im dead. very friendly family members are shaken up the had just seen her at the homee this crime is situation is hard to understand for everyone involved.
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families affected by this. you find that information online sure is the mother of a nine
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they have pretty good conditions for them with a wind advisory in effect. we walked all the way down the beachec in all the way back up. this is only a couple of miles a couple of when the effective although they like manyke northeast kansas temperatures will be around for long.g. in witness out as it was i was
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i don't trust of that's what i got a hat ontr and a hoodie. the northeast ohio is the capitalist and consistency. sadly of all of those truths and one seconds temperatures willru gogo back to normal with the chancehe for snow early in the week.he in cleveland, britney harris, britney harris, fox 8 news.
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his future two models including millionaires row height highlighting luxury cars through sunday. police officers first image evidence in tragedy. the latestra on the shooter. february 29 comes once every four years we've got some ways for you to celebrate.w details are next. the rain is moving out will be back down into the 30s by late morning. the outlook willl jump back up
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original song writings on the wall gi he dedicated the award to victory committeear thing i stand here tonight is the proud came in and i hope we canan chance together as equals today.o they jumped out of their seats and applauded.ou
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what's happening as far weather and song.w i was cooking ends that i can't be doing two things that what were you making. i can't go into the you are practicing.
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especially this time. there's the cloud cover to the west us this tomorrow. we were in the mid- 50s atat 2:00 in the morning temperatures are fallinge at least it's drying out as the first of several fronts beginninge to move through the area there's the clean as we look at the windshe which arec
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35. i think the high temperature will be between three and 4:00hi spots of drizzle. as the temperatures fallot we are temperatures begin to fall back to the 30s they can fix this and patterni this is typically what happened i as we get under the influence of a little more warmth here.i
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producing rain on but heading into next week the first full week of march are anticipating temperatures to become under not. was the first him tomorrow. coming in on saturday we have a bunch of these o is the approach the weekendth each one of theset
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next week is not bad. i just spoke with fire third down with a seventy something cap they didhe apprehend for people and they are questioning them in relation to that incident. nonetheless it over by non
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about bridge the exhibit she was responding to a violence government he opened firere killing her and wounding two othersg he was arrested and charged with murder in law enforcement officer. is the first day on control inin south carolina authorities say that they had played in and
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matter.. five people were injured and they ended up arresting 12 hopeho the group critical of her home's department handled the incident.i
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the ordinary hold on to make he had and will hold car's you even more world. the calendar will divide into value regular and peak time the value passednd will actually drop
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for 16 academy awards to georgia tech pics womens oscar find out who took home the gold statue next. and i'm having a baby north everybody i actually have a semi them as cane at that area just gettingt a don't know if it's a boy or girl tomorrow night
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going right to the doctor for an answer i will learned that gender of the daily he's beene told the gender of the pavement for my baby and he will revertll to everyone including me live tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. on fox 8
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as we are looking at some relatively quiet conditions. what would you drop back to the 30s.
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in a changeover from rain or same deal on saturday. as we head into the heart of march they could be going back up to normal will see some 60s here in a couple of weeks.
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intoto downtown. thank you, petty. >> chris rock the comedian and louis caputo i want you to reach r
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buys some of my by boosting hishi daughter's cooking since he brought out his daughters and asa those in attendance to be boxes of girl scout cookies. after. a very badge. weatherge and traffic every eight minutes just ahead ary committee upset a after two people are found dead in a sandusky home what authorities are saying about the murder suicide. john k-6 he is not getting out of the race despite calls from
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that ohio governor's campaign
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is the dawn of yet another wonderful day on the shores of northeast ohio. how a jew like to have everything on this dayli will celebrate again rain your eight. if you're not a leap year. windy and went. we'll check it at least it's


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